Annique Meal Replacement

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Annique Rooibos Lifestyle Shake offers a complete solution with added health benefits packed into a tasty and refreshing drink. It is high in protein, fibre and vitamins to help you lose weight by following a calorie restricted eating plan and supplementing your diet.

Annique Rooibos Lifestyle Shake is suitable for the whole family

This is the ideal drink for kids who don’t like to eat healthy foods. Elderly people, who need additional nutrition, will also benefit. You can use it as a meal replacement as part of a calorie restricted diet, or as a daily supplement

Nutritional value:

  • Vitamin B12 – Supports the body’s nervous system.
  • Biotin – Helps the body process energy.
  • Fibre – For a healthy digestive system.
  • Protein – For healthy muscle tissue, stronger nails, cartilage, hair and skin.
  • Vitamin E – A potent antioxidant that fights bacteria.
  • Vitamin C – Supports the body’s immune function.
  • Vitamin B3 – Helps to lower cholesterol.

Boost your health with the Annique Lifestyle Shake vitamin and mineral supplement. Not only does the Annique Shake taste good, so the whole family will want to take it too, it also contains an extensive list of essential vitamins and minerals your body needs.

Here are some of the vital benefits of the Annique Shake:

  • ANTIOXIDANTS to help remove ageing and disease-causing free radicals from the body (vitamins A, C and E, and nicotinamide);
  • STRESS CONTROL with the perfect combination of B-vitamins to support heart-health;
  • CALCIUM absorption is supported with vitamin D3 and is, therefore, ideal for the aged or people who are often restricted to indoor activities;
  • INCREASED METABOLISM with vitamin B-complex. Increases energy
  • levels and promotes weight loss;
  • CONTROL PMS and swelling of limbs during menstruation