Mays Chemists Melville offers a safe and easy method of payment for goods purchased from our online store.

When our customers make payments, they:

  • Choose products to buy from the store.
  • Through a secure PayFast payment gateway, customers pay for their purchased goods using a credit card.
  • The PayFast payment system validates the transaction information through its Fraud Detection System.
  • Customers receive an email confirmation of the payment.
  • The transport of all data is encrypted by a SSL certificate which creates a secure https:// link between the cardholder and the payment pages.
  • Any credit card would be asked for 3D secure enrolment if not already enrolled with the issuer to process transactions with authentication from the cardholder issuing bank.
  • No card entry would be possible on the Mays Chemists web shopping cart as all card traffic will be securely posted to the payment pages.
  • No credit card data will be stored.
  • No unauthorized access to the payment pages site will be permitted. Only Mays Chemists as a known entity will be allowed to direct encrypted payloads to the Payment pages.